a unique place where imagination runs wild,

like a discovery journey, created by international

artists, designers and architects, inspired by nature.


We want you to explore the most promising sustainable solutions in the field of living. International innovations, smart creations of pioneering design, architecturally stunning regenerative homes, beautiful surroundings with surprising art & nature interactions. We want you to truly experience what it's like living in nature's future.

Our Projects:

Chateau 10.0: experience center (open 2020)

an Online Platform (launch 2020)

 an Impact Lab (nr 1: nov 2020).

Redeveloping 1000 year old historically important medieval chateau in Ariège-Pyrénées, South France. Redesigning it into an experience center, a living room of pioneering sustainable design. An inspiring top location for business, leisure and events. The first in the world to be a regenerative retreat. 

Showcase & community of international innovative architecture, art & design in the field of living and nature. Promotion of sustainable design, facilitation of international knowledge exchange and co-creation. To be an accelerator for the circular economy, by creating an open source platform.

Work and residential studios for pioneers, designers and change makers. A living lab and impact hub on a historical site. Providing space for research, experiment, development and creation with impact. During a period of 4 weeks, the opportunity for creatives to explore and create. Followed by an exhibition.



Get Involved:

Together we can achieve a greater positive impact for a better world. We want you to get involved in realizing this dream place. We can use all the help we need. We are in search of: financial partners; experts and advisors in sustainability and construction; designers, artists and architects inspired by nature; volunteers; suppliers of materials and ambassadors for our project. At the moment we are in talks with potential investors, and we are about to launch a crowdfunding campaign (Oct 2019).

If you are interested in helping us in any way, click here for more info.