About Earth Creathings

Earth Creathings is an international platform of pioneering design, architecture and art, inspired by nature. We're bringing together the most promising sustainable solutions, innovative and circular creations in the field of living. By creating an online platform, an impact lab for working on innovation and a unique circularly built residence for business, tourism and events.


We believe that 

Traveling is all about discovering the world and art & design can create new worlds. We believe that positivity, optimism and sharing possibilities are the key to change. Together, across national borders, we can work on innovative and circular solutions to make the world a beautiful, fair and sustainable place.

Our mission is

To accelerate to the circular economy, by creating a place of experience of nature & design. A biobased and circularly built smart design residence. We want to set a trend in sustainable tourism, in which we believe comfort and high-end design are just as important. We will provide international innovative architecture, art & design in the field of living and nature. As well as facilitate international knowledge exchange and co-creation and provide space for research, experiment and development with impact. We want to foster curiosity and inspire people for a positive change through the great possibilities that design offers. By creating an (imaginary) discovery journey, a tangible utopian experience of nature. A unique place where imagination runs wild and you get to live in nature in a memorable way.

Expect the unexpected

Circular Development

Renewable Sources & Minimum Waste

Pioneering Design

Through Life Cycle Analyse, a forward-looking approach in design, development and building, we'll create a circular property with sustainable new houses and sustainable renovated medieval buildings.

Low environmental impact, efficient use of renewable resources and energy, natural, recycled and re-used materials, recycled water and waste, renewable energy (solar and wind).

An on- & offline showroom & living room of promising design & architecture. Innovations in the field of living: such as glass bricks, a plastic house, living lamps & bedding made from recycled manure waste.